Heidi's Place Book Club is a wonderful interactive program aimed at sharing the joy of reading and discussion, showing children that 'just reading a book' is only the beginning!  Register your interest here.

Our junior bookclub - currently for 6-14 year olds, meets every 6 weeks for a one hour, fun-filled, activity-packed session. Facilitated by experienced and qualified education officers - Gale & Megan lead the group through relevant activities based on the book they have chosen. Structure ensures the session runs well, but flexibility helps to increase language skills. A maximum of 8 members per group allows each individual an opportunity to express ideas and opinions.  Group work and partnerships provide a ‘safety net’ for the shy. 

Sharing a text that one might not usually select, is a marvelous way of being introduced to new vocabulary, settings, characters and fascinating new worlds. Gently we expand our comfort zone.  It develops character growth and self-confidence.

Registering your interest

Registering your interest is easy, just fill out our Bookclub Registration form here if you would like your child to be included in our next bookclub cycle. We will notify you when the next cycle will be starting. 


The cost of one 6 week cycle is $35, which includes the book and workshop session. Payment is required upon collection of book. Cancellation during the 6 week cycle is permitted at any time, however, no refund will be given. The book is yours to keep. There is no obligation to be locked into continuing cycles. 


We meet at The Regent Cinema in Murwillumbah.


Book Club is a program developed with experienced educators, facilitating conversations and personal development. Benefits for participants include:

  • Confidence building
  • Nurture creativity
  • Encourage imagination and lateral thinking
  • Self expression
  • Social interaction

More Information

We encourage you to contact us regarding Heidi's Place Bookclub if you would like any more information, OR you can fill in our inquiry form here

Fill the gaps, strengthen the foundation or start a new stage in your child's literacy journey. Join us for Heidi's Place Bookclub!      


Current bookclub cycle meeting dates:

6/7 years - Monday 10th April 4:00pm 2017. Rosie Revere, The Engineer.

8/9 years - Tuesday 11th April 4:00pm 2017. Figgy In The World.

10-12 years - Wednesday 12th April 4:00pm 2017. My Australian Story: The Pharlap Mystery.

13/14 years - Thursday 13th April 4:00pm 2017. The Demon King.

Lots of discussion about how expression can change the way we can communicate things. From 'The Book With No Pictures' bookclub round. Getting our 'Upside Down Magic' on in our 8/9 years group. A humorous and warm story of a group of magical misfits    
13 years - 'A Winters Day in 1939'. We looked at 12 year old Adams drastically changed life as he and his family become Polish refugees.