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Bookclub 6/7 years

Thelma the Unicorn Thelma the Unicorn is our next bookclub read for our 6/7 years. 

Thelma is an ordinary pony who longs to be more. One day, she spots a carrot on the ground and comes up with a brilliant idea! She ties it to her head, just before a skidding truck spills pink paint and glitter all over her! Presto! Thelma is a unicorn! Thelma quickly rises to fame, but does she really want all the attention? Or would she be happier as her old self again?

 Like to join in the fun? You can fill out the bookclub registration form here

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Round 2 Bookclub

Round 2 will kick off in the 1st week of March. Here's what we'll be looking at.

6/7 years -

  Rosie may seem quiet during the day, but at night she’s a brilliant inventor of gizmos and gadgets who dreams of becoming a great engineer. We'll be looking at the topic of fear of failure, language focus on words such as ENGINEER - what is an engineer, what do they do, different types of engineers and some funny words like doohicky and gizmos. 

8/9 years

 Figgy has two problems. One is her name. Nobody in Ghana has that name. Written by Australian author Tamsin Janu, we'll explore the character of Figgy who is growing up in her grandmothers home in rural Ghana. Grandma Ama is the centre of Figgy's universe and has raised her since Figgy was abandoned by her mother as a tiny baby, with nothing but a note saying 'Her name is Figgy'. A heartwarming tale of courage and determination.

10 - 12 years

Phar Lap is not only a winner, he is a real star. Millions of Australians love him. But that's not enough for Mr Davis. He wants to make Big Red into a world star.

Sally's dad is a private detective and he's just been offered the case of a lifetime–investigating who tried to shoot Phar Lap before the 1930 Melbourne Cup. Helping her dad investigate, Sally begins to feel a sense of mounting dread as Phar Lap goes from victory to victory–and collects not only millions of friends, but also some dangerous enemies.

 13/14 years

 Book 1 in an epic fantasy series from Cinda Williams Chima.  Adventure, magic, war and ambition conspire to throw together an unlikely group of companions in a struggle to save their world. Lots of character study in this one including the relationships with each other. 


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New Year - New Bookclub Rounds!

Wishing all of our customers, members and followers a wonderful 2017. Let's get ready to rumble ...!!

6/7 years:- Have chosen to look at 2 animal themed readers to kick start the year. 


8/9 years:- Have also chosen a set of 2 readers; Rainforests & Reptiles.


10-12 years:- Sticking with the non-fiction selections this round, we'll be looking at Horrible Histories!

13/14 years:- 'Running Girl' by Simon Mason. A crime/mystery fiction for us to get stuck into!

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Bookclub selections ...

Next round bookclub selections are in!
6/7 years - 
Measly Middle Ages
Readers can discover all the foul facts about the Measly Middle Ages including:
Why chickens had their bottoms shaved.
A genuine jester's joke.
What ten-year-old treacle was used for.


8/9 years
Upside Down Magic 
Book 2 in the Upside Down Magic series

The kids in Upside-Down Magic class know their magic is a little out of control. But that doesn’t make them weird—it only makes them human. Strange things are happening at Dunwiddle Magic School, and the class is getting blamed! 


10 years
When Nic — a slave in the mines outside of Rome — is forced to enter a sealed cavern containing the lost treasures of Julius Caesar, he finds much more than gold and gemstones: He discovers an ancient bulla; an amulet that belonged to the great Caesar and is filled with a magic once reserved for the Gods — magic some Romans would kill for. 


11/12 years


Penelope is running out of time!

She dreams of being a writer, but how can she pursue her passion when her mother schedules every minute of her life? And how will she ever prove that writing is worthwhile if her mother keeps telling her to 'get busy!' and 'be more productive'?

Then one day, Penelope discovers a hole in her schedule — an entire day completely unplanned! — and she mysteriously falls into it. What follows is a mesmerising journey through the Realm of Possibility where Penelope sets out to find and free the Great Moodler — the one person who may have the answers she seeks. 


13 years
City of Halves 

London. Girls are disappearing. They've all got one thing in common; they just don't know it yet... Sixteen-year-old Lily was meant to be next, but she's saved by a stranger: a half-human boy with gold-flecked eyes. Regan is from an unseen world hidden within our own, where legendary creatures hide in plain sight. But now both worlds are under threat, and Lily and Regan must race to find the girls and save their divided city.

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Children Texting

How a week can make a difference!

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In my size ...

The story of Ivan, and adult silverback gorilla, continues to move us all.

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Lacewings, Tarantula & Butterflies ...oh my!

Our 6/7's bookclub group are currently looking at 'Monster Meat Eaters!' & Fierce Eight-Legged Fighters'. 

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