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Through the celebration of good literature Heidi's Place Books and Speaker's Agency offers a nurturing, inspiring environment in which children and young adults are provided the opportunity and encouragement to discover, explore and express who they are, giving them valuable foundations for their future.

Sowing the seeds of creativity 

We work with a variety of exciting facilitators, authors and illustrators from all over Australia to help nurture creativity in our region. We are passionate about good literature and engendering a confident, vibrant, forward thinking local culture through creativity and lateral thinking. Click on the links below to find out further information about the following programs:

Speaker's Agency

Our speaker’s agency organizes authors or illustrators for workshops tailored to your curriculum needs.  We also organize talks and workshops for adults, provide speakers for festivals and conferences, as well as professional development opportunities for aspiring writer’s, illustrators and for teachers.

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Book club at Heidi's Place

New Year - New Bookclub Rounds!

Wishing all of our customers, members and followers a wonderful 2017. Let's get ready to rumble ...!!

6/7 years:- Have chosen to look at 2 animal themed readers to kick start the year. 


8/9 years:- Have also chosen a set of 2 readers; Rainforests & Reptiles.


10-12 years:- Sticking with the non-fiction selections this round, we'll be looking at Horrible Histories!

13/14 years:- 'Running Girl' by Simon Mason. A crime/mystery fiction for us to get stuck into!

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Renae Quirk January 19, 2017 Add a comment